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Recently I’ve been creating large scale work influenced by my life long obsession with my family photo archive. In much the same way memory works, I reimagine, reframe and reconstruct afresh, using digitally woven or printed fabric produced from my photos, paintings and collage. I then hand stitch the appliquéd compositions, occasionally adding other elements to create line, etc. I’m beginning to use similar techniques to create 3D sculptural pieces as well.  By isolating my subjects from the time and place of the original image, I take them into a new realm, one that hopefully transcends the personal and sidesteps nostalgia. For me, there is something magical in the process of setting my characters free from the constraints of the photo album.  As the White Queen said to Alice ‘It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards’.

Born in the USA and resident in the UK since 1983 when I took leave of my postgraduate studies in Arts Management at the University of Akron for an educational/work exchange programme in the UK. Soon after I took up the post of Gallery Manager at The Heffer Gallery, Cambridge. I went on to work in adult training and careers before joining my husband in his silversmithing workshop/gallery in Dunblane in 1997.

In 2016, I was selected as a Professional Member of Visual Arts Scotland. http://www.visualartsscotland.org/artist-biography/elizabeth-stewart


BA in Art Education, Ohio State University, 1982

Certificate of Higher Education, Art and Design Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2015

photo @PeterJaco2017

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