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My work is most often inspired by my family photo album. Reimagined with the intention of freeing my subjects from their original frozen moment in space and time, I place them into a new orbit. As a result, something magical happens which transcends the personal and sidesteps nostalgia.

I initially like to work with paint, collage, photographs and digital imaging. I then develop the work further into densely hand stitched pieces or manufactured into large scale digitally woven fabric that is cut and reassembled using hand stitched appliqué. I always seem to return to textiles and sewing which has deep rooted connections to my childhood.

I grew up in the USA and moved to the UK in 1983. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Art Education. My practice at that time was mainly performance and video based. With an interest in alternative artist spaces, I went on to post graduate study in Arts Management at the University of Akron. By way of an educational/work exchange programme, I ended up in Cambridge, England managing a gallery, before settling in Scotland.

I was selected as a Professional Member of Visual Arts Scotland. http://www.visualartsscotland.org/artist-biography/elizabeth-stewart

My work is sold through Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh   www.artsy.net/arusha-gallery

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